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From Macedonia to Greece and the Chalkidiki peninsular.

Better than we had thought it would be!

Wednesday 16th June

The sun was out so we headed off walking up the mountain. It was a gorgeous walk through the wooded mountainside, looking over the valleys.


Although we didn’t go all the way up to the top where there are some lakes, which would have been nice to see.

We originally intended on going into Bulgaria straight from Macedonia, but as we were so close to Greece and we’d both neither been to the mainland we thought why not. We had also found on the internet some areas to free park on the peninsula of Chalkidiki below the city of Thessaloniki. So off we headed for the long drive there, not forgetting to put our clocks another hour forward! When we reached the border though, the Macedonian official didn’t seem to like us and took a while with our passport and papers. He asked us how long we had been here and where we had been, then informed us we should have registered with the local police. This is the same case in a lot of the Eastern European countries, although hotels and campsites etc do this for you when they take your passport details. We explained that we thought the campsite did this, to which we were told no! We should have. After a while longer and a good look inside the motorhome, we were told next time we should inform the Police, then he let us out of the country! It would help a great deal maybe upon entering the country, you are told what you are supposed to do.

Anyway, the Greek border we passed through with ease and drove on through the hot plains of Greece towards Thessaloniki. Stopping on the way for a quick supermarket shop and realisation of how expensive Greece was. Also the heat was very very hot and humid and after coming out of the air-conditioned supermarket it hit us like a rock. We managed with the Greek signs to get around the city and finally onto Chalkidiki and headed for a smaller peninsular of Sithonia, one of three sticking out at the bottom. As the day was getting late though and we needed to fill and empty our tanks, so we stopped at a campsite on the coast near the town of Gerakini.

Thursday 17th June – Friday 18th June

Continued our journey down onto Sithonia and were both pleasantly surprised how nice it was. There seemed no huge developments just small towns on the coast followed by untouched area’s dotted with a few houses and some lovely sandy coves and bays. We found a great free parking spot with some other motorhomes right by Toroni. On entering the small area right on the beach and seeing another motorhome that had just arrived stuck in the sand, we decided to park up slightly further off on some harder ground. We then settled down in some serious and nice hot sun to enjoy the sea. Also for the first time on the trip Lorna managed to get fully into the sea for a swim, without a wet suit! She had complained before of the sea everywhere we had been of being too cold! So never got in past her legs. Here though the sea was like warm bath water! Lovely to swim in. Also with a new snorkel mask, I spent a great deal of time snorkelling around the rocks looking at the fish. It’s lovely to snorkel and be able to view part of the underwater world. During the night mind we found there was a local dog that seemed to bark at the moon! The next day was also spent sunning, snorkelling and generally enjoying the weather. The weather was very hot mind and the nights too hot to sleep almost, we decided that we needed to find a better fan to at least get a little relief.


Tonight we decided we would eat out, as on a hot day cooking inside the motorhome just increased the temperature. Also England had their second game of the world cup, we aimed to be in a bar to watch it and there were plenty of bars a walk further along the coast. Later that evening we set off ready to execute our simple plan of food and football. We found to our dismay the food prices a bit ridicules and also there weren’t any great vegetarian options anywhere, it also looked like it was going to rain! We found a nice place that did a pizza so sat down, just as we did all hell broke lose in the sky and a major storm suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The rain came very heavy and very fast and the winds rose up, as we sat in what looked like a big tropical storm. When we came to order our food, they didn’t have any pizza left and as this was the only veggie thing for Lorna we departed the restaurant disappointed! The storm was in full effect and we darted across the road that was now a river! Into a small kebab shop to get some chips at least, although I partook in a Greek kebab too (which was 10 times better than any English one, as it was actually enjoyable and tasty to eat!). The rain was ridicules and heavy, we then realised that as the weather when we left the motorhome was hot, we had left the roof vents open! This in a normal light shower wouldn’t have been a problem, but the rain was heavy and coming down fast and hard. So the game was abandoned as we made our way back through the storm and the roads that were now ankle deep rivers! By the time we made it back to the motorhome we were past being soaked through, we were just stupidly wet. On opening the motorhome door mind we found that the motorhome too was wet! The bed sheets, duvet and top foam were soaked, as well as the floor drenched and some back seats wet. So with storm in full throw still outside we set about mopping up and putting all the wet things in a bag. Hopefully the weather would be sunny tomorrow so we could at least dry some items. With a bottle of wine opened we sat watching the lightening across the bay, wondering if we would actually get to watch an England game!

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