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Tuesday 9th March - Thursday 11th March

From Agadir to tiznit

Tuesday 9th March

Finally headed out from Agadir and south towards Sidi Ifni. We aimed for a campsite on the edge of a natural Park, in a village along the coast called Sidi Ouassai. We turned off the main road, following a sign towards the campsite and passed a herd of camels. It is bizarre and amazing to pass close by to camels, but I’m sure we will see a lot more the further south we go.


We passed through a few small towns and down small roads, until we were driving over rolling hills with the sea in the distance. We came to a campsite sign pointing down a sandy dirt track, with the distance scrubbed off. We turned off following the sign, as most campsites seem to be down tracks in Morocco. The track though just kept going on and on and on. We would get to one brow of a hill, to find the track would head further to another brow. All around us was grassy hills and no houses, just the sea still in the distance. We started to think someone was having us on, as the track just continued. It was a single track and when we did meet something, they normally had to drive off the track completely to get past.


Finally at one of the brows we came upon the sight of a village and drove into the campsite. This was well situated overlooking the beach, but although the sun was out so was the wind in a strong sand-whipping mood. So after a walk around, spent the rest of the day inside out the wind and with the view.

Wednesday 10th March

Decided after a rocky night and more of a breeze today, to head away from the wind and back down the long track. We headed for the town of Tiznit, as we wanted a look around the town and go to their weekly Souq. This was happening tomorrow, so we found a campsite to stay at. Also the indicator unit we had fitted had now blown, but there was a camping car repair garage here. The campsite was right against the old town walls, it was small though and crammed full of mainly French motorhomes. Still we found a sort of spot around a corner and went to explore the town.

The town was full of specialist Berber jewellery stalls and small shops. We were greeted on the street a few times, then asked if we would like to come and see their shop. In Morocco it is sometimes hard to judge people when they come up to you, of what they want or wanting to sell. Also there are many genuine people who are just being very friendly and welcoming. We had also noticed the further south we go, the friendlier and happier people seem to be.

We headed back to the campsite, on the way passing a lot of scramblers and a race podium set up outside one of the hotels. It seemed to be a Moroccan rally of Polish bike riders and we would keep seeing them.

Thursday 11th March

Walked just out of town to the weekly souq, this was our first proper look around one. We had driven past a few, but never stopped to go around. Each town has a weekly outdoor Souq (market) full of tents and stalls selling all range of items, most of them mainly fruit and veg.


We stepped into the maze of canvas-covered stalls and piles of different coloured vegetables stacked up on the ground. It was narrow, busy and intense but great to walk around taking the sight in. We even remembered to actually get some fruit and veg, rather than just observe it.


Off then to the repair shop and me trying to explain the problem, Adil the young man running the shop didn’t really speak much English. On his suggestion, he jumped aboard and off we headed to an electrical garage in the town. After a very short while the mechanic had sorted the problem. I also showed Adil another problem, one of the rubber seals over the drive shaft was cracked and leaking grease. By now we were getting to know Adil well and he took us round to a garage and got it fixed and replaced for 250Dh.

As the work was going on, Adil took me on the back of a scooter around some light shops. We needed some bulbs for one of the interior lights, the trip though wasn’t successful.

Back at the garage Adil kindly asked us to come over to his families house for tagine and couscous, with them. We would of liked to but I’m afraid we declined, as we wanted to drive to the coast before it started getting dark and to our next campsite in Aglou Plage. The motorhome was now fixed and we paid the mechanic and said we would take Adil back to his shop. Adil told us his services were free as it was a pleasure meeting us. On the way back he talked about going out dancing with his friends and us. We took his number and said we would contact him when we came back through Tiznit. Then headed out to Aglou plage, passing the scramblers on route. The campsite resembled more of a car park, but it was overlooking the sea. It looked like they were still finishing off some more buildings. Although in Morocco the look tends to be unfinished

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