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Thursday 25th February - Wednesday 3rd March

Relaxing in the Sun!!

Thursday 25th February

Had breakfast outside in the heat of the morning sun. Decided although the campsite was good, we didn’t feel at home. We decided we would rather continue further up to a campsite we had been told about that was full of a younger generation and was a bay big on surfing. If were to be waiting 5 to 7 days, this would be a better spot we thought. So we banked on their being a bank and a cash point in one of the few towns we passed and headed off. After a lovely sunny coastal drive we got to the campsite, again down a bumpy track and found a great spot overlooking the one side of the bay and the village on the other side. We had passed no banks or cash points on the way so hoped there would be something in the village. Seeing it from afar and speaking with an English couple already there, we found there was only a couple of shops or café’s and no bank or cash point. We should of thought really, still getting used to Morocco I suppose. We were parked up in a great spot and the weather was hot and sunny and by now it was 2pm. Only problem was we had no money on us, to pay for the campsite or any food and drink, which were needed. We knew we had to head off in search of both.


So we carried on up north along the coast towards Essaouira, hoping to pass one before we got there, in a village, as it was 90km there. We wanted to be back here before dark so we could actually enjoy one of these sunny days without going driving around. We passed no banks and arrived in Essaouira around 4pm. We found a cash point and we also found out there was not enough money in the account to draw anything except 100Dh (£8). So we then wondered around to find a internet café and put more money in the account. Finally we were able to draw sufficient funds out. So with the time now after 5pm, we had a quick failed attempt at finding a supermarket and decided we would make do with what ever was in the village so departed back towards the campsite, hoping we would make it before dark. As the light was fading, I decided to take the earlier turning to the campsite, bad idea. The road was small and after every turning kept going on and on, and we were driving on the edge of the cliffs overlooking the sea, probably a beautiful drive in the day, but with the light gone it wasn’t great and at some points the road was corroding away. Still we made it back to the campsite eventually and settled down for the night.

Friday 26th February


Woke up again to great weather and had tea under the awning in the sun. Behind us on the hill a herd of camels was being led including baby white ones, it was a lovely sight. We then headed off into the village to get some bread and veg. The village and port was very small, very laid back and hassle free. There were a few shops, a couple of surf shops and a few café’s. We enjoyed an apple juice sitting in the sun at one of the café’s watching the local fisherman sell some fresh fish, then go and cook them for a group of people. On the way back to the campsite we passed sea front shacks, chickens and surfers wondering around with their boards or sitting on rooftops playing chess. The bay and village was very idyllic and mostly full of surfers, giving it a bit of a westernised feel. Spent the rest of the day lazing in the sun watching the bay and waves.


Saturday 27th February

It became very windy last night, although it remained 30 degrees all night the wind was even hot. We opened all the roof windows and in the morning there was a layer of sand over everything! Most of the day was windy so we spent it inside, I spent the time typing up a over a months worth of this blog! Mmm think I write too much, I certainly wont be getting this far behind again.

Sunday 28th February


Good day weather wise, so we again relaxed. On another wonder around the village we had a look at some stalls selling some lovely Tangiene cooking pots. Want to get one as they seem a good idea to cook with, but I suppose we need to try some first! Also we found an Auberge that sold alcohol, that you could also take away, but due to the price just one bottle of wine was bought.

Monday 1st March


Another good day weather wise, so another day relaxing in the sun. Feels like were on a summer holiday, it’s nice. Another wonder into town to get our daily bread, tomato’s and onions and I received a call from our ADAC woman. Again she was difficult to understand and I couldn’t really work out when she was saying the window was due. She wanted the temporary vehicle import document, for importing the windscreen in. We were now a good 2 hours drive away from Agadir and I only wanted to be driving again when the windscreen was at the garage awaiting fitting. She asked to fax or email her the documents as she needed a copy of them first. Then she would come and get the originals or have someone pick them up. Why she didn’t think she would need them before and got them off us when we were with her, I don’t know! I headed off in search of a fax machine, but Imsouane doesn’t have any land telephone lines let alone a fax machine, so that idea was shelved. There was one Auberge with expensive internet access, so Lorna had the idea of taking a photo and emailing her that. We also asked her to text or email rather than call, as the calls were costing me about £5 per conversation. Mostly due to the fact she rambled without ever saying anything clearly or directly answering questions! I’ll be glad when we have the window in place.

Tuesday 2nd March

Woke up to a windy but sunny day, perfect for washing and drying some clothes. Checked the email at the Auberge for a reply from the ADAC woman, and surprise no reply! I emailed her asking again for a reply saying I was there for 20mins on net and still no reply. I think she only works a couple of hours a day. The heavens then opened on and off for the rest of the day. So the rest of the day was spent inside watching the rain come down over the great view of the bay we had. That was until a French motorhome managed to park up in front of us, so the view was now a shiny motorhome! No shame.

Wednesday 3rd March[i]


Most of the morning was rain and failed attempts to get the washing out to dry. Late in the afternoon the rain finally went away, so Lorna and me took a walk along the coast. Watching the big waves crash and explode onto the rocks.

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You must be having such a great time!! Looking forward to seeing more photos and reading more stories!! :) xxx

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