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Sunday 31st January - Monday 1st February

The Beach

Sunday 31st January

Decided today to head away from the west coast of Portugal and down to the south coast and the beginning of the Algarve. We set Tom for the co-ordinates of some parking from our book, which the photo showed to be right on the beach in a small bay. Tom took us to a small lovely looking bay, with some newer motorhomes parked around. The co-ordinates were correct, but in the book the picture was of a different bay. We decided to get the bikes off and have a cycle along the coast to see what else we could find. After a rough bike ride up a track, we certainly couldn’t take the motorhome on let alone anything else, we came to the top of a hill. Down below was a lovely little bay with some hippy looking vans parked up on some rough ground, not a car park, right on the bay edge. It was the bay from the picture and it looked an ideal park up in the sunshine. We headed down and chatted to an English couple that told us to take another track with the van, so we cycled back up that way.


The track was long and winding through the hills, no homes in sight and after the first turning you could no longer see the bay and the sea. At one point we started hearing what we thought sounded like wind chimes, until we turned the corner to find a flock of goats and sheep wondering over the hill and road with bells on. It was a lovely tranquil sight. After a very long cycle ride back the motorhome, we hurriedly got the bikes back on and headed for the Beach. The track back down to the beach with the motorhome was very slow going, with all the bumps.


Eventually we arrived and parked up in a spot right on the edge overlooking the lovely calm bay, it was picturesque. There were a few converted vans and older motorhomes some with dogs and some with children. It had a very relaxed vibe, with nothing but hills behind and sea in front. The sun was still out, so the wetsuits came out and into the water we went. Had a lovely little snorkel around the rocks, seeing some fish and a big starfish. That evening we decided to build a BBQ, to cook and then have a fire on. The evening was still good and over the last few nights the moon had been very bright. No sooner had we started a fire, the people they did come. Well a couple, the first was a guy from South Africa who was very intense with lots of idea’s for a book he said he was writing! Thankfully he headed back off after a bit. The others though were a lovely young couple Max and Lilly from Sweden.

Monday 1st February

Woke up to an amazing view of a calm bay draped in sunshine. The day was spent relaxing and chatting with our new neighbours Max and Lilly. Also we decided we would take the kayaks out on their maiden voyage. We paddled around the bay, getting used to the steering and making sure we stayed upright. As yet we hadn’t bought any buoyancy aids, so they would sink if we turned over in them! Also that day we met a lovely English couple, Karl and Diana. They lived in their van through south Spain and Portugal making a living making jewellery and frames from shells and him playing Flamenco guitar. Very inspiring and showing it could be done. The day seemed a long lovely sunny day, set in an idyllic setting.


I find watching the sea so mesmerising, it calls you in and like watching a fire it’s constantly moving. At night it was warm enough, just, to stand out and listen to the ocean and watch the stars. Was a perfect day and perfect spot.

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Absolutely idyllic. This is what wild camping is all about. I'm very envious.

by Mervyn Pickard

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